Hannah's Skin Journey!

Hannah suffered with mild acne around her jaw area and cheeks. Hannah began using dermaviduals in January 2019, 8 weeks into using total cleansing cream and high classic moisturiser she saw instant results. 

Bottom left image was taken in March 2019, where she then began omnilux light therapy.

Bottom right image was taken in May 2019. As you can see it took Hannah 5 months to get her skin back on track thanks to dermaviduals.


Hormonal Acne skin journey!

Julie has used dermaviduals for many years but had a flare up due to stress. In order to get her skin under control Julie began a course of 9 omnilux light therapy treatments. We changed up her skincare routine with a prescription cleanser, and a prescription base gel moisturiser. Within 6 weeks Julie's skin was back on track.

Acne skin journey!

The current images are 2 months apart. Top images were taken June 2020 and bottom images taken August 2020. What an amazing progress this client's skin has made. 

When she came to Urban Beauty she was put on a full dermaviduals prescription of the following;

  1. Customised cleanser

  2. Plutioderm fluid

  3. Base gel (mixed with serums and cream)

As well as visiting us every 3 weeks for mini facials where we performed extractions if needed, including serums and the dermaviduals individual mask during each treatment.

Thank you to our client for sharing these images of an allergy she was recently diagnosed with called Methhyldibromo, Methylchloroisothiazinoline and Cocamidoprophy. With a little help from the dermaviduals Total cleansing cream she managed to see results within a few weeks.