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The Hydra-Dermafacial by skinmed is a skin resurfacing treatment that combines a deep clean and exfoliation, extractions and an antioxidant infusion for cleaner, clearer, more hydrated skin. The Hydra-Dermafacial effectively and painlessly removes blackheads and whiteheads to improve oily or congested skins. The removal of dead surface allows for intense hydration for ageing, dull and dehydrated skin.

Level one Hydra Dermafacial
this treatment includes a double cleanse, salicylic acid peel to help prepare the skin for extractions, finishing with a boost of hydration. 
Time: 30 mins
Price: $129

Level Two Hydra Dermafacial 
A level two Hydra Dermafacial includes all the steps of level one but with the added bonus of a lymph drainage to promote the removal of toxins and a delivery of oxygen to hydrate and sooth your skin.
Time : 45 mins
Price: $186

The Deluxe Hydra Dermafacial
Starting the treatment with a lymphatic drainage and following on with a level two this hydra dermafacial finishes with an omnilux LED light therapy treatment promoting skin rejuvenation/wrinkle reduction.
Time: 60 min
Price: $237

For more info visit Dermafacial™ | SkinMed (

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