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André Bouclet, a Doctor of Pharmacy, had a deep passion about the marine world and its therapeutic benefits. This led to the creation of Thalgo, the first marine cosmetology laboratory in 1964. Inspired by biologist, Rene Quinton’s marine plasma theory he focused research into the therapeutic benefits of algae. Bouclet’s research was devoted to finding superior ocean ingredients to create cosmetic skin solutions.

In 1978, the first range of marine cosmetic products were released. Thalgo not only became a pioneer brand in marine therapeutical goods, but also became a major player in the beauty and wellbeing industries.

Thalgo was revitalised in 1999 with an acquisition by Jean-Claude Sirop, turning the brand into a family business. Once ready, Jean-Claude passed the reins of the company to his son, Bernard Sirop and a new era of Thalgo began.

Father and son envisioned performance to become the heart of one of Thalgo’s values and in the following years Thalgo became the world leader in Professional Marine Cosmetics.

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